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Cadence 4 bit binary watch review (& competition)

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are aiming for a change of pace, with a look at a rather interesting watch aimed at the tech based audience. Instead of featuring Arabic or Latin numerals, watch creator Cadence have opted for ‘4 bit binary' markings. Many readers will be immediately squirming in their seats, but thankfully there is also a focus on creating something attractive enough to wear daily.

Our sample arrived from America in a rather attractive, bright orange box.

The top of the box lifts away from the main compartment. Inside, the watch is nicely presented and held in place with two straps on either side of the box.

The watch itself is attractive, which was reassuring, as often products aimed at ‘geeks' have some over the top design element which alienates everyone else with any semblance of taste. The watch was designed by John Flear, and according to Cadence his products often incorporate ‘high tech motifs into classical objects'.

The watch looks like the material is aluminum, but it is stainless steel. This is a very durable material which doesn't mark easily. It is battery powered.

Buying a watch is very much down to personal taste. As the images above show, both sides of the face are protected during shipping underneath a sticky film. We found it left a little mark on the back of the watch which was thankfully easily removed with a little elbow grease.

The face of the watch is plain white, with black markings. The ‘4 bit' design is certainly a talking point with friends and family but doesn't stand out that much to actually be that obvious. The analogue design means you don't have to ‘read' 4 bit to understand the time.

The photographs don't show the luminescence, which is a nice touch. Strangely Cadence have incorporated it into the markers, but not the hour or minute hands. We like the idea of being able to tell the time in poorly lit conditions, but you still need a light source to see the position of the hands, which makes it all seem rather pointless.

Cadence are using a lovely, soft leather strap which looks great in the flesh. As can be seen in some of the images on this page, they are using a sexy tan leather on the reverse side, and while many people won't ever get to see it,  the duo tone leather style is very appealing.

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