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Exclusive Battlefield 3 interview with Kevin from EA

With Call of Duty, you are constantly aware that the action is staggered between each scene. That said, sales of more than $1 Billion for the last version of Modern Warfare are nothing to be sniffed at. One question has been hanging in the air for more than a year. “Can EA overturn Activision's grip on the wartime FPS genre with the launch of Battlefield 3?”….. PCTV sent Cold War veteran Max Smolaks into the thick of the action at i43. This is his last report.

Gamers across the globe have been pre-ordering Battlefield 3 faster than a Mig 25 streaks toward a mid-air interception. At the time of writing, EA is planning to lift its skirts and reveal the final code to the public on 25th October. How much money will flow into the coffers is a matter of keen debate. But how good is the game itself?

PCTV's Maryann gets hands on with Battlefield 3 while Mig jets fly past her nose at 1,000 mph

The Frostbite 2 engine is, without any argument, amazing.

Player movement within the game is so realistic, that you can easily imagine thousands of man-hours being spent by retired soldiers with ping pong balls glued to strategic points on their black-lycra-covered-bodies.

Interface reaction times are instantaneous and the re-spawn time (in the games we played) can be measured in seconds.

How realistic is the environment itself? Scarily good. As luck would have it, the troops in the games we played were tearing through the streets of Paris – only 30 minutes after we'd been watching this video (parental caution advised).

EA marketing guru Kevin, positioned security guards around every part of the Battlefield 3 staging area, prior to delivering the special discs from which the game would be installed. Once up and running, he gave the secured area one last scan before joining the PCTV crew for an exclusive Q&A session.

KitGuru says: This FPS  looks stunning, is obviously fully functional and so far ahead of the original Battlefield game that it takes your breath away.  The queues for this game at GamesCom and Multiplay i43 were huge and enthusiastic. The game is unlikely to disappoint the army of fans who have pre-ordered. Gamers interviewed leaving the hands-on area could be heard uttering praise like “Dead crisp” and “Beautiful”. Roll on 25th October.

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