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Exclusive interview with Peter Jankowski from Arctic

The Arctic Freezer series is arguably the most famous ‘first cooler' in the market. Over the past 14 years, the company has maintained focus on low noise, low cost and low temperatures. More recently, it's had a tendency to diversify into everything from remote control helicopters to rechargeable batteries and …

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Exclusive interview with Dr Carolyn Duran from Intel

At CES in January 2014, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told the audience some home truths about the origins of various goods that we take for granted in our every day lives. Specifically, minerals and the way they can be obtained from twisted governments that support conflict. Dr Carolyn Duran is in …

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Sasa Marinkovic from AMD speaks exclusively with KitGuru

The launch of Kaveri is a strange one. Generally, when it comes to Intel, nVidia and AMD – launches are about ‘burying the other guy' and delivering more ultra-realistic-cinematographic-technicolour experiences than you ever thought possible. But this one focused more on juice. KitGuru asks AMD's Product marketing guru, watts all …

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AMD Fusion discussion with Bob Grim

We're surrounded by integrated graphics.   From Blackberries to iPhones, from netbooks to iPads. KitGuru spends more hours in a day using integrated graphics than discrete cards. As users, we represent the elite. The top 5% of users – with serious knowledge, skills and access to as much technology as we …

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