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Seasonic celebrates its 40th year in the PSU business

Logically, if you start out by creating apparatus and methods to test power supplies, you naturally have a deeper understanding of the product's internals. When Mr Chang started Seasonic in 1975, that was exactly his approach. Now, 40 years on, Seasonic has established itself as the most successful PSU manufacturer we have ever seen in the KitGuru Labs. The consistency of its products is legendary and it holds patents on the smarter parts of its designs – as well as being the creator of the world's first 80Plus power supply. So what makes them so different?

KitGuru was invited inside Seasonic to find out. As well as a full presentation at Seasonic's headquarters on the company's history and milestones, we also managed to catch up with Nils and Ray from the European office, who told us a lot of interesting facts. For example, if you want the failure/lowest return rate possible, then you make the PSU design team responsible for doing RMAs (Return Material Authorisation) – i.e. the PSU creators do all of the repair work. Knowing they will be forced to repair anything that goes wrong on a Platinum series PSU in the next 7 years, will change an engineer's approach to component selection. Interesting.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (below) or over on YouTube HERE

KitGuru says: We love the idea that analogue devices require a complete set of knowledge on ‘what has already been', before a designer can take the product to the next level. The process of building layer upon layer of personal knowledge is something profoundly human and we applaud Seasonic's efforts to build and cultivate that expertise.

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