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nVidia goes on recruitment drive to counter Radeon HD7000

As AMD prepares to launch its new range of even faster/more capable graphic cards, nVidia – like rust – never sleeps. Specialists across the western bits of the globe got a ping into their in-boxes last night from the jolly green giant, but what was the offer exactly?

Right now, nVidia is holding its own with the latest iterations of Fermi against the Radeon 6000 series of cards. While both sides can boast some in-gaming benchmark wins at various price points, it's about as level a playing field as it has been for quite some time.

nVidia has been spreading its mobile wings successfully with Tegra, while AMD is causing a mild headache for Intel with its Fusion-class processors.

How many of you fancy getting under nVidia's Argentinian PR supremo, Ben Berraondo?

But the status quo is about to be upset, big time, with a huge number of launches expected over the weeks leading up to magic Santa's drop down the world's chimneys.

While AMD prepares its Black Edition Fusion chips to attack Intel at the i3 low-end and Bulldozer chips to go up against the 2500/2600k parts, Intel themselves are preparing to raise the (already totally unchallenged) bar in the high-end performance space, by blowing triple-channel X58 away with quad-channel X79.

While nVidia is happy with the performance of the latest Fermi parts, and knows that it has Kepler coming up shortly – it has one area of inadequacy. It's numbers are too low. Not only is it pushing the ‘5' against the ‘6' when GeForce takes on Radeon, it is also in the ‘hundreds', while Radeon is in the ‘thousands'.

As AMD prepares to move the bar from ‘6000' to ‘7000', nVidia is feeling the pressure to respond. It has done so by moving to recruit a key (wo)man into its PR organisation. Someone with blackbelt spinning capability, ready to block suggestions that Fermi is feeble and challenge the idea that 7000 offers anything like 1,000 improvements over the 6000. Here's the full job spec, in case you or a friend fancy applying.

KitGuru says: Cushy job when the engineering team delivers (GTX560), but a lot of work when they don't (GTX480). If you want to live near Reading, with a huge expense account, plenty of cut-price share options and regular business-class trips around the world with journalists – apply today. Also, they love it when your name is Benjamin.

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