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Netflix looking to hire peer to peer expert

Netflix could be looking to change its approach to streaming content, from its current model of handling the data transmission itself, to more of a crowd sourced model similar to that used by bit torrent and other peer to peer networking services. If it did move in that direction, it …

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AMD loses over 1,000 jobs during evolution

During last night’s Q3 financial call, AMD executives delivered the news that KitGuru has expected for almost a year – a significant reduction in workforce going forward. It simply doesn’t need the same workforce going forward as it did in the past. KitGuru pulls out the abacus to calculate the …

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nVidia goes on recruitment drive to counter Radeon HD7000

As AMD prepares to launch its new range of even faster/more capable graphic cards, nVidia – like rust – never sleeps. Specialists across the western bits of the globe got a ping into their in-boxes last night from the jolly green giant, but what was the offer exactly? Right now, …

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UK recruitment up 25% year on year

Just like graphic cards and CPUs, there are a lot of metrics for measuring the health of an economy. Arguably one of the strongest indicators is the number of jobs available. A report just out from Reed Recruitment shows that the UK is well on the way to recovery. KitGuru …

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