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Apple delivers good news

One of the most eagerly awaited emails of the past 12 months has just arrived in the inboxes of the chosen few. What is the message and what does it mean? KitGuru engages iLiedown and gives it a ponder.

The Daily Telegraph (of all the socialist press) ran a footy-score, 90 second update page for the entire Apple launch event for the iPad 3. With its journalist blogging with as much frequency as his podgy fingers could muster in such an electric atmosphere – details of the Retina Display and improved camera etc were beemed to the waiting millions in (sort of) real time.

However, his ctrl-V remained the same, “Still down. Nothing happening on the Apple Store. It’s still down”.

This message happened with such regularity, that after a few minutes KitGuru gave up the ghost and decided to sit F5-ing the Apple Store page itself. Same story. “Er, not ready, er. Come back in a bit, maybe?” said the UK Apple Store.

Undeterred, we set out Blackberry alarm system for 05 hundred hours the following morning and managed to not only connect – but also to place an order. A mixture of joy, relief and buyer’s remorse flooded over us in the hours that followed, but them we put those emotions to one side – certain in the knowledge that we were about to become better people than all of our friends combined.

And, this morning, an email arrived. Whoop.

Apple insisted on labelling our new iPads with the address of their favourite web site

KitGuru says: We Love it. We absolutely love it. So we bought a LOAD of em.

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