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Silent updates coming for Mozilla’s Firefox

Hallelujah! After seeing a whopping seven major release updates from Mozilla with its Firefox web browser in under a year, the team have finally announced an upcoming feature many of us were were only hoping they’d have rolled in before the version madness continued to accelerate – silent automated updates!

Right up ’till now the only way to stay up to date with Mozilla’s web browser was to manually run through their age old manual install process which certainly gets quite tiresome when updates arrive almost every six weeks.

Thankfully Mozilla has stated that this will come to a stop when it introduces Firefox 13 to us later this year :-

To cater to update fatigue, updates will now be downloaded and installed silently in the background. It means that startup and shutdown of the web browser won’t be affected by installation routines. Additionally, the What’s New page displayed after an update can now be displayed depending if there is important information needed to be displayed to the end user. Silent updates are currently planned to land in Firefox 13. “

KitGuru says: Way to go Mozilla – times they are always a’changin’ in this fast paced electronic world we now live in and it’s good to see another company (Like Google and Opera previously) addressing this head on and providing a more streamlined method to keep things in order, not just from a security standpoint but also in ensuring backward compatibility concerns can be minimized.

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  • pirousque

    Never in the field of human behaviour has so much stupidity-dumbness been vested in so few. Automatic? Fatigue? Firefox breaks many an Add-On compatibility willy-nilly with narry a thought about the consequences to its users. This Automatique airy-fairyness will disable many an add-ons for security based apps which will castrate them until another airy-fairy comes to the rescue. Mah hero indeed……

    The human is a creature of duality and therefore needs balance “every inch of the way forwards”. Where is the balance when “progress” actually means regression for some. But like “Democracy” coming to the rescue of the wide-eyed zombie, so long as “most” are OK, the remainder can go “Fly Kites”. Until it is realised that the “most”/democraticos are actually a bunch of fence-sitting, indifferent, self-serving greener grass chasers out for the benefit of their own butt and god damn the other. You people really, really, in your heart of hearts, do not believe in such nonsense, do you? You do !! CU in “Browser Hell” then because that is where “Automation” will always lead to, the human, being the bastion of The Living and not The Living-but-Dead.

    When balance is missing, that is because the airy-fairy is starting his pirouette. Whaat? “Firefox will ensure that … blah, blah, blah …” Why is it that when the master demands others to, “Open it up”, the dumb-stupid always reply, “How wide?” ‘Cos eets never wide enuff, that’s why”, so repeats Chicken Little. “Jest livening up the News”, eh? That is exactly what “Firefox” wants you to do. Bolt on some rocket assisted take off for those moments when competition fatigue is setting in and not so much “Update” fatigue. Got eet? My, what pointed toes you have ……