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Suppliers confirm 45 million iPads could ship in 2011

Apple could never have dreamed that the iPad would prove such a monumental product for them, outselling demand and generating many millions in profit. Educated component makers have said that Apple could sell up to 45 million touchscreen tablets in 2011.

45 million iPads is a tough figure to wrap your head around. Initial claims indicated that 31 million would be the best guess, but industry insiders are saying that 45 million is possible, if Apple continue their never ending sales momentum. Apple sold 15 million of the original iPad in 2010, when it was available for only nine months. Last years expansion of availability, both to stores domestically and in new countries has also been much less than this years insane pace.

Apple are trying to ensure that the Japan disaster doesn't impact their sales too much, by offering four times the market price to companies who supply some of the components used in the creation of the iPad 2.

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AAPL investors are going to get a good look at calendar 2011 iPad sales next week when Apple report their earnings for the second quarter of its fiscal 2011. This covers the first three months of 2011 when the iPad 2 was on sale. We expect it to break all records when the announcement is made.

There is still a three week wait in the United Kingdom if you order an iPad2 today.

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