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long awaited white iPhone due to appear in a month

Well this rumour has been going on now for months, and KitGuru has reported on it many times before. The latest murmurings from inside sources indicate however that the much awaited ‘white' iPhone could be finally reaching retail within the next month.

Sources last night told Kitguru that production has already started, a point mirrored today by Reuters. Apple are ignoring media requests to confirm and have yet to make any announcement. Foxconn are involved in the creation of the unit from the Hon Hai Industry factory.

Apple have taken their time bringing this to market, quoted production issues with the white finish, which many have ascertained causes problems with the camera. The iPad 2 has been released and still no sign of the white iPhone 4.

Apple have said that the iPhone 4 would be delayed until July last year, but as this time passed, then it was the end of the year. Latest reports were that Apple might abandon the device entirely claiming the white models “have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected.”

So why the delay? The most educated reports indicate that the white back panel reflected too much light from the LED flash, resulting in overexposed images. The back of the white iPad 2, is brushed aluminum. Reports also said that the only way around this was the make the white iPhone 4 also with an aluminum back.

KitGuru says: Will this be an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 however?

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