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How much do Apple make on the iPad 3?

The Apple hype machine keeps on rolling, and with every new release of the iPad we have publications who buy them, just to tear them apart and to show everyone what is inside.

Got Battery? ... iPad 3 opened: courtesy of iFixit

A huge portion of the iPad 3 comprises the new battery system to compensate for the added power drain. iFixit have a step by step article, disassembling the new iPad3.

So what is the fascination with everything that Apple create? We don’t often see so much discussion on disassembling a new Android phone or tablet. We can credit the incredible Apple marketing machine for the level of interest and it has been an industry trait now for many years to focus on everything they release.

An article on Forbes stresses the strength of the Apple marketing machine. Author Larry Magid says “For some reason, many people are fascinated by these tidbits, yet I can’t recall ever seeing similar articles for other consumer goods. Do you have any idea what your refrigerator cost to build? For that matter, how many people do you know who salivate over every new home appliance that comes to market? Even news about new cars — which fascinated earlier generations — fails to get a lot of attention these days.”

Well we can break down how much the new iPad 3 costs.  The 16 GB Wifi only model has $364.35 worth of parts and costs around $10.75 in manufacturing costs. iSuppli.com have estimated that the new high resolution Retina screen costs Apple around $87, compared to $57 for the screen used in the iPad 2.

They add “Among all component suppliers, Samsung Electronics continues its reign as the big winner in the individual iPad analyzed by the IHS iSuppli Teardown Analysis Service. Samsung supplied both the display and the applications processor. The new iPad’s Retina display represents the most expensive single component in the tablet, at $87, while the applications processor costs an estimated $23. Combined, this gives Samsung a 30.2 percent share of the 32GB LTE version of the new iPad’s bill of materials, the largest for any supplier.”

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Apple however, as some people are complaining about the iPad 3 exhibiting overheating problems. The company are keen to deny there is a problem, with Apple’s Trudy Muller released the following: “I have been using the new iPad for almost two weeks — a week before it was released to the public — and I’ve seen no heat issues. I use my iPad every day over LTE and Wi-Fi, holding it my hand and on my lap and the device doesn’t get hot.”

Kitguru says: The 64GB model has the biggest profit margin, but we would have expected that.

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