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People are 58% more productive with a tablet

We take these kind of research claims with a pinch of salt, but Yankee Group, who are due to release their European Mobile User Study next month have offered a quick glimpse into their early findings.

According to their research, 40% of European smartphone buyers are intending to buy an iPhone for their next upgrade. 19% plan to get an Android powered phone with 17% looking at a Blackberry and 15% looking at Nokia. Yankee Group Research Vice President Declan Lonergan said These findings highlight the continued strength of Apple in the European smartphone market and, in particular, its phenomenal brand appeal. The data also highlights the enormous challenges faced by Nokia and RIM to retain mind share and market share in this increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace.”

If you use one of these for work you can expect 58% more productivity

Interestingly, the firm found that employees are 58% more productive when they are on long distance trips and using a tablet. Apparently tools for the consumer market are also making it into the business sector. The survey apparently involved 5,000 consumers, 2,250 employees and ‘IT Decision Makers’ in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

Other study findings include:

  • Consumerization is taking over the enterprise. Four times more employees use consumer tools for work purposes with IT’s explicit approval.
  • New devices spur productivity. Employees say they are 58 percent more productive during long-distance travel when they have a tablet.
  • Mobile users are multi-device-savvy. Most users have more than one device and they access the same services and content via the screen best suited for the time and place.

Kitguru says: Are you using a tablet for work? let us know.

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