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Comscore claim iPad dominates global tablet traffic

Comscore released a report which shows the popularity of the iPad within the growing tablet market. According to their report the iPad is responsible for 89 percent of all tablet traffic. The iPad seems to have a strong audience in Canada where it accounts for 33.5% of all non-computer related traffic. Brazil is also a strong zone with 31.8% of all traffic claimed by the Apple tablet.

Singapore is an interesting place to look at the research, because although non computer devices take 6 percent of total traffic, the iPad is claiming over 26 percent of this.

Android is trailing behind Apple in the U.S. region, although they are claiming a higher percentage in the Smartphone space with 35.6 percent compared to 23.5 percent.

Kitguru says: It is clear to see that the tablet sector is growing massively in the last year, with Apple right at the forefront of the growth.

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