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Mother of Essex hacker claims her son is ‘completely fearless’

Yesterday we ran a story on the arrest of a 19 year old hacker, said to be associated with high profile organisation Lulzsec. His mother Rita Cleary said that her 19 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD, agrophobia and Emotional Behaviour Disorder.

Rita has been speaking with UK newspaper the Daily Mail in the UK and she said he had suffered mental and emotional problems since early childhood and even attempted to take his life when he was only 10. He was also first excluded from school at the age of five, living in their home as a virtual recluse in his bedroom.

As with many people who have emotional issues, he became obsessed with the internet and left his room only to use the bathroom according to his mother. She said that she would leave meals outside his door on a tray and was allowed into his room once a week, to clean it.

As a child he was ‘completely fearless’ and couldn’t understand that his actions had ramifications. She added that he would even jump into the path of traffic or set fires in the house. When she tried to stop him getting access to the internet he said he would slit his wrists. She could not believe that he was a criminal mastermind. A friend of his spoke to The Sun newspaper and said that he used to inhale lighter fuel.

Rita Cleary, mother of Ryan Cleary arrives for her son's first appearance at Westminster Magistrates Court - London Photo: CHRISTOPHER PLEDGER

Ryan’s mother suffers from a biopolar disorder and she seems to be blaming herself saying “I might have been able to do more to protect my baby.”

The charges against Ryan are severe. He has been accused of bringing down the websites of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and the British Phonographic Industry last year.

FBI investigators are looking into suspected attacks on various platforms, such as the CIA, Sony Entertainment and the US Senate. It is not sure if Ryan is linked to these attacks, but the investigation is still ongoing. If Ryan Cleary is found guilty in the UK, he could still be extradited to the US, as the FBI will want to question him themselves. Whether his mental state has any impact on the judgement is yet to be known.

Kitguru says: A sad tale really when factoring in his mental state.

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