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Sprint send ‘no comment’ iPhone 5 memo to staff

SprintFeed have published a story, based on a leaked memo from Sprint to their employees. In the memo they instruct all their staff to issue a ‘no comment' response when asked about the upcoming iPhone 5, the latest product from Apple which has been causing much debate within the industry.

The memo was raised after security concerns regarding the upcoming Apple product. Foxconn have been just as strict with their staff after a serious of information leaks from within the factory concerned Apple.

This memo tells their staff to respond with “Yes, I saw a few of those reports, I don't have any information to share.” – instead asking their staff to direct customers to their Sprint.Com Newsroom.

The Wall Street Journal have said that Sprint will get Apple's iPhone 5 so clearly the memo verifies this.

Sprint have a big user base in America, although their 52 million subscribers fall behind AT&T's 99 million and Verizon's 106 million.

There has yet been no solid launch date for the iPhone 5, but the WSJ published an article which said that it may be by the end of September and quoted people familiar with the situation as the source.

The iPhone 5 is sure to generate many millions of sales for Apple, as customers sell their old phones online to fund the upgrade. Reports indicate that the new phone will be powered by the A5 processor, and a new 8 megapixel camera.

Kitguru says: Partners are instructing staff to keep their lips sealed, but more details are sure to leak before launch.

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