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Razer to market 0.88 inch gaming laptop ‘Razer Blade’

The laptop market right now is extremely competitive. With Dell and other big players offering cut throat prices, it is difficult for many companies to get a foothold at all. This is not putting off Razer, a company best known for their quality range of peripherals.

The Razer Blade is a Windows 7 laptop which is set to be sold at $2,800 later this year.

Company founder/CEO and Creative Director Min Liang Tan told USATODAY “The key for us was to have something that was so portable, that you could pull it out of your bag with a single hand and be something you could bring along with you,” he says. “And not only is this thinner than the Alienware (laptops), but by the time we were done (designing) it, it is thinner than a MacBook Pro and more powerful. It’s the most powerful and thinnest 17-inch laptop today.”

Tan says that their knowledge and reputation for user interface design will really help their development of a laptop range. He is also not too impressed with the current range of gaming laptops saying they are too heavy and thick and not portable at all.

They had help from Nvidia and Intel in the creation of this new design. The key talking point is the thin design, which they claim is less than one inch thick and has an aluminum chassis, a common feature with Apple machines.

Tan understands that at $2,800, they wont be selling a lot of these machines, but he says “We are just here to sell products that we can be proud of.”

Kitguru says: A company who seem more interested in quality rather than quantity. We like that.

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