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Apple working on a television for release in 2012?

According to reports on VentureBeat Apple are working on a digital television which will be powered by the iOS operating system. They claim sources in Silicon Valley.

VentureBeat say they have interviewed sources who confirm the news, although it seems to be just a ‘rumour’ rather than anything confirmed.

Apple have already built up experience with their AppleTV product and they have deals and partnerships in place with tv and movie networks. With a strong content library already in place and a fast, easy to use operating system which has been developed strongly over years, it would make sense.

Apple Television: Mockup by Venturebeat

Venture capitalist Stewart Alsop has said that the cost of LCD screens will be a slight problem, due to the cost involved. He does predict however that it won’t be long before a 15 inch or 19 inch touchscreen television running iOS could be made available at reasonable cost, perhaps even in time for Q4 2012.

Dylan Tweney at Venturebeat says “More importantly, iOS will enable Apple to transform the television into something that doesn’t just show videos, but also plays games, runs apps, lets you check your schedule and tweet about what YouTube movie you happen to watching at that moment.

And it could tie seamlessly into other Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, giving the company an enviable full-circle consumer product line. ”

Kitguru says: An Apple Television with iOS. Something you would buy?

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