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Apple continue to delay Samsung Tab 10.1 Australian sales

The ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung still rages – Apple claim that Samsung are imitating their design ideas. Apple have won a further delay in the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia – until the end of September at least.

Apple have sued Samsung in Sydney Federal court last month claiming that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 product infringes upon Apple patents. Apple say that 10 of their patents have been adopted in the 10.1 design and that Samsung have taken the ‘look and feel' of the iPad.

Samsung however have said that the claim was based on a US version of the tablet and that the Australian version of the tablet is different. They even supplied Apple with three samples of the 10.1 tablet which was due to go on sale in Australia.

Samsung Galaxy Tab: not on sale in Australia due to Apple injunction

Reports on BloomBerg indicate that the new model has reduced functionality, but that it still infringes on at least two Apple patents, according to Apple lawyer Steve Burley.

Samsung company lawyer David Catterns said “It doesn’t have reduced functionality, It has different features.”

The agreement to stop sales of the 10.1 tablet in Australia doesn't affect any other Samsung product in Australia.

The case is looking strong, at least according to a German judge who said on August 25th that Apple's intellectual rights are probably strong enough to ban the sales of the 10.1 tablet in that country.

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