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Apple will showcase new iPhone models September 10th

The iPhone is still Apple's top selling product and last year it accounted for half of their revenue. The challenge from companies such as Samsung continues to grow, so the release of a new model every year is very important for Apple.

On September 10th Apple will showcase two new iPhone models – a flagship model and a less expensive model to target developing regions.

Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive will also be placing a focus on the new Apple iOS operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Apple have already previewed the software redesign on their website to build hype before official release. There will be changes to the email, photo applications and calendar as well as new fonts and icons.
tim cook and steve jobs

The pressure rises for Tim Cook, with many analysts claiming that the company has been lacking invention since the passing of iconic co-founder and leader Steve Jobs.

Kitguru says: Apple have not held an event at their Cupertino base since 2011 when they launched the iPhone 4S, a day before Steve Jobs died.

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