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Forget Apple’s iWatch, get the Ring Clock for your finger

Rumours are that Apple will be releasing their wearable iWatch device in the coming months, but until then why not consider a watch for your ring? The team behind the new product have started a crowdfunding campaign to bring the idea to market.

Kitguru still doesn't believe that a person wearing a Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin or Rolex watch will suddenly want to ditch their iconic swiss timepiece for a gadget with glowing lights, but we would imagine there is a younger audience who will find the new smartwatch devices appealing.

The Ring Clock is a watch you can wear as a ring, rather than a bracelet. It was originally designed in 2011 by Gusztav Szikszai as part of a competition to create a product that was impossible to make – but perhaps possible within 10 years. This was two years ago.

The Ring Clock is a 316L surgical stainless steel finger ring based around an outer ring and an inner ring. The outer ring has three different bands on it. The top band has 24 hour clock markings, the middle band has minute marking and the bottom band has dots which show the seconds.

The Ring Clock rests on your finger and doesn't move. When you spin the outside ring the time is shown by the specific numbers lighting up with LEDS. Battery use is therefore extended. Based on what we have read however, it only lasts two hours (constant use) before it needs recharged by the Qi wireless power charger pad. They rate the running time as 1 week with ‘normal use' meaning you check the time 15 times a day. The battery seems to have a lifespan of three years and can't be replaced. Charging time is 2 hours.

This seems far from ideal to me, as I check the time on my wrist probably a couple of hundred times over a full day.

The guys behind this watch are requiring funding of $287,000 from the crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo. The basic pledge is $195 for a single Ring Clock, with $15 extra for shipping outside the UK. Join in, over here.

KItguru says: Its certainly an interesting gadget, but we would imagine most people who want a ring are very specific about its appearance.

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