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iPhone 5 spotted in public ?

While the Apple fanboys wait for the iPhone 5, 9to5Mac have apparently got a picture of the product, which they claim was being used by an Apple employee in public.

While the image above is hardly proof of the new phone, 9to5Mac claim to have contacted the source to check his background.

“Last evening, a tipster sent us some pictures of what he now thinks is the iPhone 5.  He caught what he said was likely an Apple employee hunched over the device on the way home from work in San Francisco earlier this week.  He told us he was able to get a very good look at the device but the pictures he snapped “didn’t do it justice”.

We contacted the tipster by phone and checked his background.  We believe he saw a totally new Apple device, probably a prototype iPhone 5.  He contacted us because when he got home, he doubted what he saw was legitimate until he looked at the green cases we posted.  Then it all came together for him.  Our tipster has had an iPhone 3GS and currently has an iPhone 4.  He knows his iPhones and iPods and this was like nothing he’s ever seen.  He said it would fit perfectly into the case.”

The big question is whether Apple would really let employees use the upcoming phone in public, because it seems rather careless, especially after previous experiences.

You can read more about this over here.

Kitguru says: Obviously Apple won’t comment on the subject, but rumours are that the iPhone 5 (or 4G) will be released within the next couple of months.

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