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iPhone 5 to be unveiled October 4th

It looks as if the cat is out of the bag. According to All Things Digital, Apple are going to be holding a big event on Tuesday October 4th. At this event they will unveil the iPhone 5.

We will be glad to get this over, because it appears that the date of release has been changing almost daily. While this date is not yet set in stone, as Apple are known to make changes, it would appear that this date is accurate.

The plan according to the report, is to make the iPhone 5 available to customers a few weeks after the event and subsequent announcement.

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs - the main men behind Apple

Another talking point for the event will be the man in charge – new CEO Tim Cook, who has replaced Steve Jobs, when he stepped down due to health concerns. All eyes will be on Cook especially as this is the first major product release under his leadership. Jobs recommended Cook for the CEO position, so it will be interesting to see his style of presentation on stage. There is even talk about Jobs making an appearance at the event, although his presence would be muted and dependent on his health.

Kitguru says: We think Steve Jobs making an appearance is unlikely.

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