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BUY.com adds PLAY.com to basket

Rumours of a truly stunning nature are flying into KitGuru's underground intelligence bunker, with talk of a deal that will end all deals. We tune the Echelon dishes toward Tokyo and reveal all.

BUY.com is one of the world's largest stores.

PLAY.com is also massive.

YAALE.com is newest best buy site.

Like a pair of binary black hole system, combining these two super-massive giants will create an online shopping destination that will be difficult to resist.

Right now, we believe that the ‘lawyers are in the room' on the fine detail.

In an ironic accident/twist of fate, a solar flare seems to have disturbed our frequencies and the connection was lost – so we have no more details to bring you until the North Pole does its bit and transmutes deadly interference into a series of colourful skies.

KitGuru says: If we're hearing correctly, this implications of this deal will reverbarate across the world for the next decade.

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