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iPhone 4 prototype with 64GB of storage hits grey market

An Apple iPhone prototype has leaked from Foxconn and is available on the Chinese ‘grey market’. What is particularly interesting however is the fact that it has 64 gigabytes of storage and may be a sign of things to come with the iPhone 5. The prototype is marked with a ‘XXGB’ on the rear casing and has a ‘XXXXX’ as the model number, which indicates an Apple prototype build.

M.I.C. Gadget report says “This suspicious 64GB model has started selling in Sin Tak, the greatest grey market in Hong Kong, and one of the sellers claimed that these are engineered models and available in small quantity. Interestingly, the back on the phone states iPhone XXGB! That reminds us the leaked prototype last year, the one Gizmodo bought it. It also states the Model no. as XXXXX, and the FCC ID as BCG-XXXXXX. On the screen, you can see is indeed a 64GB capacity and the model is 955-6049LL. And the phone is not locked!”

It is too late for Apple to release a 64GB iPhone, but there is a good chance the iPhone 5 could launch with a high end 64GB model. M.I.C’s source is apparently saying that some of these phones have leaked from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China.

The iPod touch has two storage chips inside, which means that if they use two of these new 64GB flash modules, then the new devices could offer 128GB of storage, potentially putting an end to the iPod classic.

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