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iPhone 5 to get dual core processor upgrade

In Hong Kong today the rumour mill is burning hot with news that Apple are working on the new generation iPhone and that it may be using the ARM architecture based A8 ‘system on a chip’ for the next generation model.

The Apple A4 processor which is clocked at 1GHz is a Arm Cortex A8 processor core with PowerVR SGX535 graphics all in a single die of silicon. Apple are said to have contacted Taiwanese component makers for the A8 SoC packaging. A source close to the project who didn’t want to be named told KitGuru that the upcoming chip is a dual core processor with SGX543 graphics onboard. This will also offer full support for OpenCL which is used in Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

While this would make for a very powerful phone, the issues of battery life would need addressed before retail release to the public. Apple are well regarded for their battery technology development however, so we are pretty confident a new battery implementation is also waiting in the wings for the new higher drain design.

KitGuru says: Would you be interested in a dual core iPhone 5?

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