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iPod Nano – leaked images show camera to come

Taiwanese Apple related blog site Apple.pro have published a leaked photo of the seventh generation iPod Nano – which is under development. It shows a camera hole in the chassis.

The new model will be the same size as the current model and questions have been asked as to how they will fit a camera inside it. Apple have played about with iPod features in the past, adding something new every year, and sometimes even taking them away just before launch when technical issues occur.

9to5mac.com has pointed out that features such as video recording, widescreen display and video playback, which were all dropped. Apple instead added a multi touch display, iOs style interface and a belt for the sixth generation model.

Reading the forums on 9to5mac.com shows many bewildered people, with one saying The idea of a Camera now, on this micro device, is just a head shaker. The device has officially gotten too small to be useful (IMO), and now they’re going to add a camera? For what purpose? The problem with the Nano is that it basically IS the iPod shuffle, and costs 3 times as much. Unfortunately, as good of an idea as it was, the “multi” touch screen added nothing in way of features, but forced the cost to stay as high as the previously useful Nano. It’s not truly an iOS device, so no potential for quality software updates, or App Store. Or Even MUSIC store for that matter.

Appleinsider have said “The addition of a camera to the next iPod nano could be an attempt by Apple to appease critics. Some initial reviews of the sixth-generation iPod nano were disappointed by the lack of a camera, noting that Apple had “given and taken away.”

KitGuru says: Will they or wont they?

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