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Apple may kill iPod Classic & Shuffle

Apple announced sales declines in recent months for their iPod devices. It makes sense that a wide audience are using their iPhones for media playback. According to reports from TUAW, Apple may kill the iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic devices. Their unnamed sources claim that both devices may be killed before the end of the year.

TUAW claim their source isn't an analyst, so we would make an assumption that it is an industry insider.

They say “Obviously we can't divulge our source, but it is NOT an analyst. Most of us listen to analyst predictions with the proverbial grain of salt (or bag of salt). We feel pretty confident that Apple will soon discontinue the shuffle and classic, and we see few changes coming for the iPod touch — unless you're super excited about it being available in white. The nano will then become Apple's lowest-end iPod (we've heard nothing about a price drop, however) and the iPod touch will remain a premium iPod with its current form factor intact.”

The iPod has been suffering from a lack of interest thanks to iPhone updates and the release of the iPad 2 in recent months. With the press receiving emails from Apple for the October 4th event, it is interesting to see not even a single mention of the iPod range, at all.

Cnet summed it all up a few days ago “But if you can put sentimentality aside, it's really not a bad time for Apple to stick a fork in the iPod.”

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