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Microsoft get royalty fee from Samsung for every Android device

Samsung are currently locked in legal battle with Apple over patent infringement, however it looks as if Samsung are preempting an attack from Microsoft by offering them a royalty fee for every Android device they sell.

Google won't be happy with the way some things are panning out so far for its Android platform. They already stepped in to help HTC battle against Apple in regards to device patenting. The latest royalty fee for Microsoft sends out a negative message to the industry that Samsung are concerned. We aren't sure if other companies will have to start paying Microsoft for Android devices, but HTC and a few other Android manufacturers have already have struck deals with Microsoft

The amount that Samsung will be paying Microsoft has not yet been disclosed but the next in line could be Motorola, who have yet to sign any payment deal with Microsoft. As Google recently acquired Motorola we would assume a deal won't be struck.

Samsung - under fire from both Apple and Microsoft

Microsoft have been hitting hard when it comes to Android devices, their general counsel Brad Smith has went on record to say “So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents.” As Mike Dunn at Digital Trends adds “here has been no official word from Microsoft, Samsung, or HTC as to what patents in particular are being infringed upon, but Microsoft has a history of infringement cases against Linux-based products.  Seeing how Android is based on Linux it seems likely that this is at least one area of contention, but there could be other issues as well.

It is rumored that HTC’s royalty deal with Microsoft is for around $5 per Android device sold, so it would be safe to assume that Samsung’s agreement is in that area too.”

Kitguru says: Microsoft are making a lot of money from royalty fees for Android devices. Google won't be too happy.

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