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Google Glass could be used for multiplayer gaming

If like me you’re sat here feeling rather jealous that you can’t afford or don’t have the connections to get yourself a set of Google’s Glass eyewear, you’re about to get even more so – as there’s potential there for multiplayer gaming via the little device.

Ron Amadeo over at Android Police, has been digging through the Google Glass file system and discovered some Google Play services that link up with a “games” folder. Some of the prefixes within hint at “RealTimeMatch” and “RealTimeMessage,” which suggests not only communication between players in real time, but games that use that sort of system too.


There’s also “TurnBasedMatch” which could be used for a huge variety of games, but lets consider something simple like Chess as a starting block.

Other highlighted options include an achievement list and leaderboard functions, suggesting a much more interconnected gaming network than we might have expected. However, these sort of social gaming features are looking to be heavily present in the next generation of consoles, so it makes sense for Google to make that functionality available.

No official response from Google for any of this news, as you would expect, and no idea of when any of it will be made use of – presumably not until after Glass units are shipping to consumers.

KitGuru Says: Very interesting turn out. Didn’t expect that coming from Google Glass. Presumably the gaming functionality will be somewhat limited, but little games should be doable. What do you guys think?

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