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Probable Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks show its bezel is smaller than ever

Not too much is known about Samsung's upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S8, but as we edge closer to its expected March unveiling, leaks are giving us a good look. The latest one is a picture of the Galaxy S8 with the screen on, which shows us just how much bezel Samsung has stripped out of the design.

Although fragility seems to come hand in hand with the miniaturisation and materials used in the creation of, modern smartphones, there's no denying they look rather pretty and good looks sell. That's an ethos that Samsung has taken to heart with its upcoming Galaxy S8, which has even less plastic protection for its delicate internals, but looks damn good doing it.

Following his showing off of pictures of the phone with the screen off, Twitter user “Ice Universe” has posted up images of the phone with the screen on too. It shows the slimline bezel of the device, as well as the curved edges of the display. You'll notice too that Samsung appears to have ditched the physical home button of devices past.

While the buttons on the handset may be digital, they are in the typical Samsung fashion of being entirely reverse from every other Android device. As Ars suggests however, perhaps with them being digital users who are used to other manfaucturers' devices, may be able to switch them around.

While we can't vouch for the authenticity of these pictures, the number of them and the angling suggests they are legitimate. Some of the claims made by the images are backed up by some leaked images on AndroidPolice too, which further suggests these images are real.

There is still no official release date or pricing for the Galaxy S8, but we expect to learn more when it is unveiled in the next month or two.

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KitGuru Says: What do you guys think of Samsung ditching hardware buttons entirely? It's a bold strategy, but do you think it will be well received?

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