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Apple sue Motorola: multi touch phone infringement

Apple are suing Nokia, claimg that their multi touch smartphones use Apple owned intellectual property.

Patently Apple have reported that Apple have lodged two separate suits against Motorola which list six different patents.. These suits directly target the Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Cliq, Cliq XT, Bakflip Devour A555, Devour i1 and Charm.

Documents say that Apple have a problem with “smartphones and associated software, including operating systems, user interfaces, and other application software designed for use on, and loaded onto such devices.”

“We like competition as long as they don’t rip off our IP,” Tim Cook, chief operations officer for Apple said last year at a financial conference. “Obviously Apple thinks that Motorola has crossed that line.”

This is the latest in a long line of legal action as Motorola have filed their own suit against Apple over 18 different patents which cover the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone as well as some Macintosh computers. Apple also sued HTC in March, claiming 20 instances of patent infringing dealing with various aspects of the iPhone. Microsoft have also sued Motorola alleging patent infringement on their Android based devices.

KitGuru says: It seems every week there are new claims of patent infringing.

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