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T-Mobile confesses they cannot match Tesco

We all spend a small fortune on mobile devices. Alongside transport and staple foods, it’s one of those omnipresent bills that need to be paid. The only question that remains is ‘How much should we pay?’.  The traditionally strong players here are the providers themselves with their ‘store on every high street approach’, but is that under threat? KitGuru goes Xmas shopping.

As we head into the Christmas period, sales overall will rise. Add in other factors, like the positive results announced by George Osborne last week in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement to Parliament, and the world seems like a (financially) positive place.

So with a booming economy being promised, Christmas around the corner and mobile communications being something that few of us can live without – what better time to check out deals on new handsets.

That’s where we started, but – to be honest – we didn’t get past the first comparison online.

Blackberry phone, pay as you go, online, for less than £100. Simple enough option and one that a lot of people who simply want a present/handset refresh (and who are working to a budget) will look at in December.

So how can there be a price discrepancy of more than 10% between Tesco and T-Mobile deals.

Rather than ask in store, we decided to take advantage of T-Mobile’s interactive chat option.

We set up the situation and made sure than T-Mobile had links to the appropriate offers.

This is what we were found out.

We've blanked the name to protect the T-Mobile expert's name, but the issue is clear.
We’ve blanked the name to protect the T-Mobile expert’s name, but the issue is clear.

KitGuru says: As T-Mobile put it, nice and clear in writing, there are NO deals where T-Mobile (annual revenues around £7 Billion) can beat Tesco (annual revenues £70 Billion). If you have a deal in mind, it’s got to be worth checking with Tesco etc before you head to operators like T-Mobile, EE or Orange themselves.

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