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T-Mobile confesses they cannot match Tesco

We all spend a small fortune on mobile devices. Alongside transport and staple foods, it’s one of those omnipresent bills that need to be paid. The only question that remains is ‘How much should we pay?’.  The traditionally strong players here are the providers themselves with their ‘store on every …

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UK mobile networks stretched by Happy New Year

As Big Ben struck midnight and 2013 began, a huge wave of personal messages swept through the UK’s mobile networks. And yet, the networks survived. That’s some serious infrastructure. KitGuru pulls out the TallyMan Pro and does some counting. We’ve all had issues with mobile networks. The most common happens …

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Orange charges man 20x more than T-Mobile

While the vast majority of the phones being connected in the future will be on ‘Full Monty – totally unlimited’ contracts, we’re still living at the end of the dark ages when it comes to mobile charges. Every now and then a bill doesn’t make sense – and the rare …

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Everything Everywhere unveils first 4G data pricing

Everything Everywhere

The pricing plans for Everything Everywhere’s 4G offers have been unveiled for the first time ahead of its launch on 30th October. While they will all offer much faster wireless data transfer, there won’t be any unlimited packages made available initially. For a basic package that includes 500MB of data …

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UK 4G arriving by summer 2013


Finally the big mobile operators have begun to shake hands over how the auction for 4G services will take place this year, with the agreement between them all expecting to be signed tonight – presumably because none of them want to give Everyone Everywhere (EE) too much of a lead …

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Orange OPC Review

There are a large number of companies in the UK who would be willing to build a PC to your own specification providing you’re willing to put up enough cash.  There isn’t a whole lot which differentiates these PCs from each other, though, as you’re usually restricted to the same …

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Does O2 plan to charge £900 an hour for 4G?

In response to an earlier story about Nokia’s decision to ship its coolest new phone technologies to the USA only, we’ve been contacted by a couple of readers to ask about UK data charges. We’re not Watchdog, but the point raised is valid. KitGuru breaks out the Pedigree Chum and …

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Mobile Phone Buying Guide

Blackberry, iPhone or Smartphone – which is best?  With the most attractive contracts running around 2 years, your next choice could be with you for a very long time. KitGuru opens the lid on mobiles to help you decide, which one’s best for me? Technologies If you type a lot, …

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