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nVidia Channel Manager joins AMD

The shuffling of staff between the major players in the IT sector never ends. Senior personnel move for a variety of reasons, including money and job titles, but one of the most persuasive reasons is ‘career'. Do they believe their opponents can do better? News into KitGuru HQ says that …

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Caseking bought by Equistone Partners Europe Limited

One of the year's most interesting channel moves so far is Equistone's acquisition of pan-European distributor Caseking. While the value of the deal itself is undisclosed, the move to buy a majority stake in a technology company with revenues around the €100 million mark will certainly get tongues wagging. KitGuru …

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KFA2 increases UK operation by signing Target

When it comes to branding, the KFA2 products are no shrinking violets. Distinctive graphics and some very moody characters on the posters seem to promise pixel punishment in a grimy, street savvy way. But cool packaging only get you so far. Increasing sales needs proactive distribution. KitGuru examines changes to …

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T-Mobile confesses they cannot match Tesco

We all spend a small fortune on mobile devices. Alongside transport and staple foods, it's one of those omnipresent bills that need to be paid. The only question that remains is ‘How much should we pay?'.  The traditionally strong players here are the providers themselves with their ‘store on every …

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AMD drops pricing on Radeon 7000 products

The battle for Xmas sales is hotting up overall, but the surprising news from the channel is just how well received the AMD move to ‘R9' was. While new products were introduced, a quick look at several BIOS dates/product IDs showed that some were simple refreshes. But it seems to …

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