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Corning concept video shows us what the future may be like

Corning already has a pretty strong standing in our lives. If you have any kind of smartphone, be it HTC, Samsung or Apple, chances are it will have Corning’s Gorilla Glass protecting the display and they only intend to prolong this importance in our lives with recent announcements of Gorilla Glass 2 and Lotus Glass.

Corning like any other innovative company are looking to the future and what it may hold, as demonstrated in a concept video. It begins with touch technology we already see today such as smartphones and tablets but quickly expands to touch surfaces acting as a massive interactive fence surrounding a whole nature park. Also shown off are massive multi-touch displays either mounted on tables or used as whole walls in education and other professional work environments.

Other uses of glass are not ignored with electrochromic glass being used as curtains and photovoltaic glass used as a new form of roofing material.

Judging from the video Corning also believes that extremely quick and painless information sharing and augmented reality are the way of the future. The video is not just a demonstration of what Corning hopes to do itself but wheres it sees glass being used in the future; almost everywhere. From the bedroom to MRI scanners.

Kitguru says: If even half of these glass technology applications are mainstream by the time my grandchildren grow up, I’ll be a very envious old man.

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