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AMD to report Q3 loss – is this due to the iPad?

AMD have had a really positive 12 months, however they have updated their projections for the Q3 financial quarter which ends tomorrow. It looks as if they will report a loss between 2 and 4 percent.

AMD have released a statement saying that they “expect revenue for the quarter ending September 25, 2010 to be in the range of down one to four percent as compared to revenue of $1.65 billion for the quarter ended June 26, 2010”. This is a rather unpleasant situation for the company as earlier projections looked more positive.

Killing the mobile laptop industry - we think so.

They say that this is due to a result of  “weaker than expected demand” in most sectors however they are focusing on the laptop market in North America and Western Europe as the key problem areas.

While many would assume this is primarily due to the current limitations with AMD’s processors when compared to more impressive Intel solutions in both the performance and CULV sectors, we have a different theory. Apple.

Yes, we are confident that Apple iPad sales are not only damaging sales for AMD, but are damaging overall mobile sales in the laptop sector. We have reported on this for months now and we think this is a ramification of a growing mobile tablet market. This is why Microsoft, Samsung and other manufacturers are so focused on releasing 7 and 9 inch tablet machines to get a slice of the iPad pie.

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  • Roger

    It is a very good point and it will be interesting to see if Fusion can help their sales increase. I think most big manufacturers who rely on laptop sales are finding the ipad has chipped away at their projections.

  • Tech Head

    To be fair, Intel have better solutions, that said, i am positive even they have felt the ipad machine kicking them in the nads.

  • Stefan

    An interesting theory which I would think would hold some water. I know Intel fanboys will claim AMD processors suck, but that is not the case. Sure they aren’t as good *until the new range anyway* but the iPAD is everywhere. marketing on tv. people buying it. even people who dont want a laptop are buying it.

  • Brook

    iPads here in california, everywhere. its like a disease. I was even expecting a homeless dude to have one, giving him the best begging locations in Frisco. When my daughters teacher walked into class with one last week I knew we had a problem. They are even using them now as teaching aids.