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Powercolor Extreme Series 1000W Power Supply Review

Rating: 8.0.

It seems that many companies have ‘jumped upon the PSU wagon’ in recent years with Corsair, Sapphire and XFX all having dipped their toes into the market with various levels of success. Recently Tul Corporation, or ‘Powercolor’ as they are more commonly known announced their intentions to enter this sector with a new range of Extreme 1000W, 750W and Gaming 600W and 500W units, targeting both mid range and high end sectors.

While the Gaming 600W and 500W units are 80 Plus certified today we are going to be taking a look at the highest end model they have released, The Extreme 1000W PSU which is 80 Plus Bronze certified, offering over 85% power efficiency.

The Extreme Series 1000W PSU is a modular design and is cooled by a single 140MM double bearing fan to keep noise to a minimum. These PSU’s have 12V quad rails and four 8 pin PEG connectors to allow users to power high end SLI and Crossfire configurations.

Powercolor Extreme 1000W Power Supply
Type ATX 12V V2.2/EPS12V V2.91
Max Output Capacity 1000W
Dimensions 180 x 150 x 86 (L/W/H)
PFC Active PFC (0.99)
Efficiency 85% efficiency
Certification 80 Plus Bronze
Multi GPU Support Crossfire and SLI ready
Cable Type Cable Management

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  • Colin

    That is the nicest PSU ive seen to date. love the red fan, looks awesome.

    (good performer too obviously).

  • Tech Head

    This is very surprising. I knew XFX were making PSU’s and Sapphire, but Powercolor? shock of the week for me. Good OEM design tho.

  • Thomas

    Powercolor get a bad name for some reason and I dont know why, their GFX cards are really good too. nice review.

  • Gerty

    Lovely design both inside and out, the heatsinks are very prominent internally to help with cooling I see. sounds like a small point but ive seen some companies use very few then the fan goes nuts trying to keep it all under control.

  • Tri Color

    Excellent, nice to see more good looking (and performing) PSUs hitting the market. cross loading was good.

  • Samuel

    good design, love the appearance.

  • Eric K

    a lot of good high end psus on the market right now. if this hits 150 quid will be a good buy. the gold cert ones are 80 more.

  • Toby

    ive been waitin to see a review of this now for a few weeks. seems like they did well. I think powercolor are better than most people say.

  • Forest

    any ideas when this is released?

  • Trev

    when is the release date in europe? no info anywhere. would be good if you told us in the review.

  • Apple ipads suck

    i like the effort they put into the appearance as well as the technical components inside.

  • Jer Frunk

    Looks like it could be a big seller for powercolor. only real issue this company have right now is getting their name brand higher regarded than it is right now. not many people rate them compared to say sapphire. they will have to go head to head against corsair now in this market.

  • dlb

    Why no pics of the label on the unit? It would have been nice to see the full specs of the individual rails: amps on each +12v rail for example…..

  • 20a for each 12v rail

  • Hakuren

    Hmm, I don’t know. While it may be a good product for a good price, at this power level (1000W) most of users expecting fully modular design (including 24 line and 4+4). Modular cables are usually more flexible (except Enermax) than default 24+4+4 coming from inside. Just a thought.

  • GKolarov

    I have bought one of this a mounth ago and exactly 30 days after it broke down! I do not know what is the problem with this PSU, but from the reseller said that they do not know what is wrong with it and will give me back the money that i have spent to bye it. So i am totaly dissapointed from the Powercolor’s PSU 🙁