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Dell due to release tablet/laptop ‘Duo’ in the next week

Rumour is circulating that Dell are due to release a new hybrid laptop-tablet within the next week. In a radical design concept it appears that unlike many manufacturers Dell are not taking on the Apple iPad, well not directly.

Dell are said to be in the process of organising an official announcement on the 10 inch Inspiron Duo, probably around the 23rd of November.

Unlike many who are directly targeting the Apple iPad, Dell have opted to modify a laptop design. You can open up the case, flip the screen and convert the machine into a clamshell style netbook.

The hardware inside is said to be a dual core ATOM processor, which Kitguru reviewed in the recent ASRock ION3D system. We found it to be much better than the previous models, but still no powerhouse. However for this design concept it should be very solid indeed. Dell are including Windows 7 as the operating system of choice.

Will this be the perfect workhorse system for a mixture of end user? We will reserve judgement until we get our hands on one.

KitGuru says: We have yet to receive pricing information or exact dates of release, but expect it soon.

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