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Forrester report: Windows 8 tablet higher on wish list than iPad

A Forrester report shows that people who work in ‘information’ would rather own a Windows 8 Surface tablet rather than any Apple product, including the iPad. The report shows however that very few of the people involved actually owned a Windows 8 tablet.

ReadWrite reported that 32 percent of the people surveyed said that they would want a new Windows 8 work machine. Only 26 percent said they would rather than an iPad. Android machines lagged with only 12 percent.

The sample pool was based around 9,766 ‘information workers’ although there has been very little information on specific user details within the report. The report seems a little dubious, especially considering that the Surface RT tablet hasn’t been widely received as an ‘iPad breaking’ product, with apparently only 900,000 shipped in Q4 2012.

The research verified the low levels of Windows ownership among the surveyed people, with only 2 percent saying they owned a Windows 8 tablet.

The mobile phone sector wasn’t as dominating for Microsoft. The Forrester report also shows that 33 percent of the same workers wanted their next phone to be an iPhone, and only 10 percent yearned to own a Windows Phone. Having owned both iPhone and Lumia 920, my own personal views couldn’t be more of a contrast. The Lumia 920 in my humble opinion is probably one of the finest phones ever to hit retail.

Kitguru says: The report can be taken with a pinch of salt in our opinion, but it is interesting.

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