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HP undercut Intel Ultrabook pricing with ‘Sleekbook’

Hewlett Packard have just announced a new series of ‘Envy' Ultrabook computers with aggressive pricing. The new Envy Sleekbooks will be offered at $150 less than the current range of Ultrabooks.

The new machines will feature both Intel and AMD processors and will ship with 14 and 15.6 inch screens. The pricing is said to start at $599. This is a new aggressive strategy from the company, who currently sell Envy Ultrabook machines with the latest generation of Intel Core processors but at $749.

The machines are maintained at 19.8 millimeter thickness, or less and weigh 1.8 kilograms. Battery life is said to last between seven and nine hours.

The new Sleekbook machines also bypass Intel rules, and can include AMD processors, to offer more options to the consumer.

Intel have spent hundreds of millions of dollars assisting companies to build Ultrabooks, and they are also undertaking an aggressive marketing campaign. Ultrabooks have proven popular with reviewers so far, but the high pricing to this point means that many people simply can't afford to buy one.

HP Sleekbook: its not an Apple Macbook but it sure looks like one.

The move will support the upcoming range of AMD Trinity processors due for release soon.

There are some differences between the HP Ultrabook and Sleekbook ranges. The Ultrabook machines are slightly thinner and weigh a little less, under strict Intel guidelines. Intel state that Ultrabooks cannot be more than 21 millimeters thick.

The Ultrabook machines also boot quicker and have antitheft features built into the machine. They can also resume from standby faster. Battery life is comparable however, and the price differences mean than the Sleekbook can reach a much wider audience.

Kitguru says: Sleek and cheap. Cant be bad to that.

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