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Proview suit against Apple dismissed in California

Regular readers will be aware that Proview Electronics have been gunning for Apple, entering into legal wrangles in China over the iPad trademark.

Proview won’t be happy as a California judge, Mark Pierce dismissed the lawsuit against Apple which was first filed in February.

Proview had claimed that Apple deceived them when they acquired the iPad trademarks from them in 2009.

The case in China has escalated into one of the biggest intellectual property cases for a foreign company in China. Proview Electronics are a Taiwanese subsidiary of Proview International Holdings and the organisation that Apple acquired the trademarks for the iPad name.

Apple argued that the case against them be dismissed in the U.S. on the grounds that both parties had agreed to settle the legal concerns in Hong Kong.

An Apple spokesperson said that Apple had rightfully purchased the iPad name from Proview saying “Proview refuses to honor their agreement with Apple in China.”

Proview issued a statement via their lawyer Christopher Evans, saying “We are looking forward to presenting the facts in the case to the appellate court, and we are confident that the facts will show that Apple fraudulently obtained the iPad trademarks.”

Kitguru says: No indication yet as to how this case will settle in China.

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