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Tablets and smartphones continue to hit laptop sales

The growing demand for tablets and smartphones is still hitting global laptop sales hard this year. Intel's financial report for Q3 this year indicates that the notebook sector sales are still not picking up. According to sources close to Digitimes the demand for notebooks will not pick up until 2013.

Microsoft are due to release Windows 8, and even though the operating system has received a lukewarm response so far, it is sure to help drive sales of new computers in Q4. Well, that's one theory anyway.

Hewlett Packard, Dell and Acer are all reporting weak laptop performance results during the normal peak period on the build up to end of year.

The general public are finding that a tablet and modern smartphone can fulfill their daily demands for checking email, surfing the net and even social media without the need for a new laptop.

Amazon are releasing a new tablet, and Microsoft have a range of Windows 8 and Windows RT  tablets waiting in the wings for release later this month. Apple are also releasing the iPad Mini in the not too distant future. All of these combined are set to hit the laptop sector hard in the run up to Christmas sales.

Kitguru says: Are you buying a laptop soon, or do you find a tablet/smartphone is all you need now on the move?

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