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New Surface Book teased in Intel’s 8th-Gen promo

Intel seems to have hidden quite a few details in the marketing for its upcoming 8th generation processors, with core information of the new i5 and i7 being revealed via images of its packaging. It seems that Intel is at it again, however this time its hinting at a new product from an entirely different company, with its 8th-gen promo video starring what could be a new Microsoft Surface Book.

The purpose of the video is to showcase the capabilities of the new processors, however the device prominently featured throughout is a sleek black Surface Book laptop. Microsoft’s last black Surface device was 2013’s Surface Pro 2, while the latest models of the Surface Book are only available in silver. Another notable difference between this model to the one we know is on the market is the resolution, as the video touts 4K instead of 3000 x 2000 pixels.

The decision wouldn't be a surprising one, with the refreshed Surface Books released last year featuring the same chip as its previous model, making the processor rather outdated for devices pushed as high-end kit. However, with the drama surrounding Consumer Report’s decision to revoke its recommendation of the Surface range, it is peculiar that Microsoft would adopt the 8th generation so early on.

With Microsoft set to release an LTE version of the Surface Pro in October, it could be a possible that we will see more information of a Kaby Lake version of the Surface Book in the run up.

KitGuru Says: If Microsoft is releasing a new Surface Book, it is incredibly curious as to why this would be revealed by Intel rather than the company itself. I’ve been lucky not to experience many issues with my Surface Pro 4, but only time will tell if I will be one of the 25% to suffer issues in the year to come.

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