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New AMD video highlights Richland and Temash software experience

With an array of new products coming through thick and fast from AMD, one of the last lines in any press release seems to refer to the ‘software experience'. No – we had no idea either. Rather than try to explain it – or draw stick men having the experience – here's a brand new video from AMD on the subject. Time to wave your hands like you just don't care. Apparently.

As part of the build up to the launch of the new video, AMD Senior Vice President Lisa Su, told CES “We are developing technologies with end users in mind – to bring true surround computing and immersive experiences to our everyday lives. It is exciting to bring our industry-leading APU technologies to market, including the industry’s first x86 quad-core SoC, while building on our leadership in graphics and gaming”.

AMD Gesture Control is a very definite part of this new move – and it looks like the clever new stuff from AMD has already won them deals with Asus, HP and Vizio.

What do you think?

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4-7bBywUSk']

KitGuru says:We've seen AMD bring a lot of things to market over the years, but they normally forget to include a budget to encourage the software houses to use the cool new stuff. Hopefully, this time, there's ‘DevRel Petrol Dollars' to drive the Rolls Royce theory.

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