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John Byrne to take over global sales strategy for Dell

While the market is still reacting to AMD's latest financial announcement and a lowering of revenue expectation, its former chief sales officer John Byrne has landed at Dell in Austin, Texas. What is the role likely to involve and will there be any implications for his former employer? John Byrne spent more …

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AMD announces ‘Carrizo’, ‘Carrizo-L’ APUs for laptops, AiO desktops

Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday formally announced its code-named “Carrizo” and “Carrizo-L” accelerated processing units (APUs) that integrate the company’s next-generation general-purpose and graphics processing units. The new chips will arrive in the first half of next year and will target similar-class devices, including notebooks, 2-in-1s, all-in-one desktops and some …

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Richard Huddy rejoins AMD as Gaming Scientist

There are two ways to look at people who have worked for every major company in a given industry. You can take the view that they have never really settled or you can value the additional experience they have gained by seeing how all the main players operate. News in …

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Will AMD announce record chip sales for Q4 2013?

With its Q4 Earning Call scheduled for 10:30pm tomorrow night, there is a lot of speculation about what AMD might be announcing in terms of revenue, profit and outlook. KitGuru puts its ear to the ground and listens for the strongest rumblings. In the run up to an earnings call, …

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Former AMD CEO fires Slingshot at Intel

You might not have heard of Lauren Villagran, graduate of Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism with a background that includes Associated Press and CBS, but she's the lady that's helped pen one of the most explosive business stories of recent times: The decision by Hector Ruiz to stand up …

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Acid test for Byrne-effect as AMD prepares Q4 results

As the Dragon's Den is always telling us, life is all about revenue. Sure, profit is important, but you can always adjust your cost base to suit a particular business model and, thereby, improve your bottom line. But that only works once you have the revenue. On that basis, you …

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AMD moves to chop 1% off its wage bill

Over time, companies gain and lose people. In the natural sequence of events, when someone leaves, they are often replaced immediately by someone else with similar experience/salary demands. Right now, that's not the case at AMD. KitGuru looks at the latest changes and believes it has found a pattern. If …

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Exclusive interview with Dr Lisa Su from AMD

You can always tell how useful a person is to a company. As each new skill is realised, so another set of responsibilities is loaded on your shoulders and your job title increases. Not only does Lisa Su have Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts …

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AMD creates new role for John Byrne

Against a backdrop of flat revenues and job cuts, AMD is preparing a brand new structure to deal with building its business over the next three years. CEO Rory Read has created a new role and appointed John Byrne to take the lead with all of AMD's major relationships. KitGuru …

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Strong Sony movement toward AMD?

Sony Centre ready for AMD

Funny thing about technology journalism. No one talks about a topic and it's not in the public domain. You then do a story and suddenly you’re inundated with new information. That happened over the weekend, during our server move (yes, we know, KitGuru works overtime, Saturdays, Sundays and during the …

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Clevo predicts strong market move to AMD in 2011

Given Intel's strength, AMD's share price increase has been spectacular

Things seem to have been looking up for AMD over the past year or so. Its big win against Intel in the courts has been backed up by a huge lead in bringing DX11 technology to market and re-establishing trust in the channel after the Dell debacle in 2006. That’s …

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