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AMD creates new role for John Byrne

Against a backdrop of flat revenues and job cuts, AMD is preparing a brand new structure to deal with building its business over the next three years.

CEO Rory Read has created a new role and appointed John Byrne to take the lead with all of AMD’s major relationships.

KitGuru polishes its crystal balls and ponders what will happen next.

From the tough streets of Glasgow to ‘second in command’ at one of the world’s most important technology companies is an impressive journey, but one which John Byrne seems to have taken in his stride.

At one time or another, John has driven sales for IBM processors, nVidia GPUs and ATI graphics. Once inside AMD, his rise has been very fast. From running local sales to Acting Chief Sales Officer for the whole organisation, Byrne will now take on the rather extravagant job title of Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Accounts.

Decoding this title, we believe that he will be the key man for all of AMD’s biggest global customers – as well as all of AMD’s partners (for example Sapphire, Asus and XFX).

Using the old 80:20 rule, most of AMD’s sales will come from a small group of companies. Likewise, AMD’s most important supplier relationships might only amount to its contact with the handful of top people who run the AIBs.

So, effectively, John Byrne becomes the conduit through which all of AMD’s most important communications must travel.

If Rory Read has got this right, then AMD will be in a much better position to match ‘what companies need’ with ‘what AMD can offer’.

With a role like this, our advice is simple. Don't look down.

KitGuru says: Will this new role allow AMD to double its revenues within 3 years and, finally, take its place in the Fortune 500?

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