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Adam King from Asus takes us through his laptop range

Globally, Asus is now one of the five biggest manufacturers of laptop computers. While its known for high-end components, it actually broke into the portable PC market by inventing the EeePC, effectively creating the netbook market sector overnight. But where will the Asus portable focus be for 2012? Good question. Now, where to find an answer?

At a recent technology show, the Pro Class TV cameras managed to catch up with Asus Laptop Systems Technical PR guru, Adam King. He was kind enough to take us through the range to give you a good idea of where mobile technology will be going in 2012.

While the whole range aims to have ‘something for everyone’, we know where we were focused during filming.

While Apple looks for £1,500 of your heard earned pounds, Asus only wants £838 through Amazon. Bargain. Surely.

KitGuru says: After the false-start of CULV, there’s little doubt that Ultra Books will be high on every geek’s list of desirable items for 2012. The only question remains, how much will people be willing to pay for that kind of style. It’s weird that Apple has its audience educated into thinking that £1,500 is a fair price for a Mac Book, while PC users expect the earth for £600. Let’s see if Ultra Books, at £838, can help steer a sensible path for the PC.

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