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Innergie release new 90W AC Adapters

The mCube Slim 95 and mCube Mini 90 are the two universal adapters anyone who travels should have in their bag.  The ability to power all your portable devices with one adapter no matter where you go, is an enormous benefit and completely removes the cumbersome task of organizing and storing several power cables.

Innergie mCube Slim 95

Innergie's mCube Slim 95 power adapter is truly universal and provides 95W of powerful power output in an ultra-slim form factor.  Together with the Magic Tip (sold separately), it is capable of charging not only laptops, tablet PCs, E-books, smart phones and portable music players, but even portable DVD players and camcorders.  The mCube Slim 95 represents a true single adapter to support all power needs and eliminates the chore of carrying multiple adapters when traveling, or the fear of leaving one power adapter behind.

Apart from its ultra compact form and unsurpassed lightweight specifications, its smooth flowing surfaces and rounded edges allow for easy and comfortable handling and its sleek design complements the variety of mobile devices they are used to power.  To further enhance ease-of-use, power ports are clearly marked to identify interface connections.  Unlike traditional power adapters, the mCube Slim 95 has entirely detachable cables for easy and convenient storage.

In addition, the mCube Slim 95 incorporates industry-standard safety accreditations and high standards of built-in protection to ensure maximum security for both user and device.  The adapter is also equipped with built in protection against locations with unstable voltage and other inconsistencies.

Innergie mCube Mini 90

The mCube Mini 90 is designed to be the ultimate in-vehicle charger for all mobile power needs for business travelers and mobile consumers.  The universal Auto/Air adapter allows users to charge their laptops and mobile devices such as tablet PCs, phones, music players, and GPS systems in the car, on the plane, or anywhere else life may take you.  When used with the Magic Tip, an ultimate spectrum of charging capabilities allows users to charge camcorders, portable DVD players, and special voltage Netbooks.

Extremely lightweight and compact, the mCube Mini 90 is smaller than a pack of gum but incorporates maximum protection for both user and device. Adhering to the most stringent safety requirements, the adapter is equipped with over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and output overload protection, giving users the confidence to use their electronic devices, even when charging in areas with unstable voltage.

The adapter's clean aesthetics match a variety of devices it powers, and users can see the charging status of their device at a glance with its built-in LED indicator.  Superior safety is also factored into the design, despite its small profile. The connector head fits snugly and maintains good contact in DC ports, including moving vehicles. Accreditation by the RCTA guarantees safe usage within airplanes and UL2089 assures safe usage in cars.

The Innergie mCube Slim 95 and mCube Mini 90 with be available at select retail outlets in North America and online beginning in the first quarter, 2011.

All Innergie universal power adapters have an industry-leading 3-year limited warranty.

KitGuru Says: A couple of versitile power adapter that will let you charge all your devices on the go

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