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Inno3D GTX570 Review

Rating: 9.0.

Last month nVidia rocked the graphics world with the release of their phenomenal GTX580. This is the fastest single chip card on the market today – although AMD's HD5970 is still the most powerful graphics card on the planet. Today we are looking at the more affordable GTX570, which targets the same (£280) market as the HD6970.

The GTX570 is GF110 with one streaming multiprocessor disabled, there are 40 ROP's onboard. It has 480 CUDA cores, which is the same as the last generation GTX480. There is 1280MB of GDDR5 memory connected via a 320 bit memory interface.

Due in part to improved power efficiency, nVidia have been able to increase the core speeds to 732mhz and the cuda cores operate at 1464mhz. With 152GB/s of memory bandwidth it looks to be a formidable package on paper.

Product nVidia GTX 480 nVidia GTX570 nVidia GTX 580
Shader Units 480 480 512
GPU GF 100 GF 110 GF 110
ROPs 48 40 48
Transistors 3200 M 3000 M 3000 M
Memory Count 1536 MB 1280 MB 1636 MB
Memory Bus Width 384 bit 320 bit 384 bit
Core Clock 700 mhz 732 mhz 772 mhz
Memory Clock 924 mhz 950 mhz 1002 mhz

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