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Inno3D GTX570 Review

There is no doubting that this current range from nVidia is fantastic. The GTX570 does its big brother proud by delivering killer levels of performance at a much reduced price … only £283 inc vat in the UK right now.

Not only is the gaming performance excellent, but the power draw has been significantly reduced. This means you will be paying less for electricity over the course of a year and the fan doesn't need to be working quite as hard to keep everything in check.

Most of us are really weary of fan noise and the GTX570 certainly won't drive you nuts when watching movies or gaming.

The Inno3D isn't a very exciting product as it adheres to the nVidia reference design, but this isn't entirely a bad thing as the reference design is actually really good. The Inno3D bundle is decent, even though there is no free game we particularly appreciate the inclusion of a high quality mouse mat.

The big question which everyone is debating is whether this card deserves a place in your system when compared next to the AMD HD6970. If it is single screen gaming you want at high resolution then this card is slightly faster than the new AMD part.

I would still opt for the AMD product, simply because I enjoy gaming on three screens and I think there is a slightly higher level of futureproofing – £300 will land you two extra 24 inch monitors and this is all you need. However if you were on the nVidia platform, this £300 would be lost in buying another GTX570 … which is needed for three monitor gaming. This doubles the cost of the upgrade for the user.

That said, I can strongly recommend this product for performance gamers, those who are unwilling or unable to spend extra for a GTX580. nVidia really should be proud of this current series, they are reducing noise and power drain while delivering higher levels of performance. This isn't an easy goal to achieve.

Kitguru says: Fans of the green team will find this card much more affordable than the GTX580. It still delivers very high levels of performance with all the major game engines. Tessellation performance is also excellent.

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Rating: 9.0.

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